Ponds Cold Cream Moisturiser

Why do many peoplebuy ponds age miracle. The ponds age miracle cream is one of the few names that came from Pond's Cream collections. Other names such as "Pond's Vanishing Cream" and the "Pond's Cold Cream" were popular in the past. But today, many professionals have come to consider, especially those that have already experienced its miraculous effects, that the ponds age miracle cream is the best that Pond's Cream has yet to unveil. But what is the main reason for the brand's popularity and huge demands? The main reason for ponds age miracle cream's popularity in the skin care and beauty product industry is because of its miraculous effects of halting or stopping the aging process. This is done by eliminating the 7 signs of skin aging. So what are the 7 signs of skin aging? According to professionals, the 7 signs of skin aging includes:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles, which are usually seen on the eyes and on the forehead. These are caused by loose skins, commonly associated with aging.
  • Rough skin texture, which is usually the cause of dried skin.
  • Uneven skin tone which is usually the result of sun or UV rays
  • Skin dullness
  • Visible pores
  • Blotches or age spots
  • Dryness of the skin

Theponds age miracle cream's special formulation is targeted on these signs of aging. By eliminating these 7 signs of skin aging, the cream is able to stop the aging process, much like the fountain of youth. Fine lines and wrinkles are usually the cause of skin becoming too much loose. With the special formulation of the ponds age miracle cream, the skin becomes tight, thus eliminating lines and wrinkles. Its moisturizing capabilities, however, is aimed in providing a softer more smoother skin while preventing the UV rays on penetrating the skin, leaving the skin with uneven tone. The good thing about the brand is that it works for both women and men, which is why many menbuy ponds age miracle for their own benefits. For the women, ponds age miracle cream works best, even with makeup. This is because the cream are easily absorbed by the skin, leaving the skin dry, fresh, and smooth. Unlike other moisturizers that leave the skin oily. Another is that the cream doesn't cause sweating, unlike other brands that usually cause sweating. Visit the website http://www.myayala.com

Why do many peoplebuy ponds age miracle. The ponds age miracle cream is one of the few names that came from Pond's Cream collections. Other names such as "Pond's Vanishing Cream" and the "Pond's Cold Cream" were popular in the past. But today, many professionals have come to consider, especially those that have already experienced its miraculous effects, that the ponds age miracle cream is the best that Pond's Cream has yet to unveil. But what is the main reason for the brand's popularity and huge demands?



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47 Responses to Ponds Cold Cream Moisturiser

  1. reen 4U says:

    skin damage very badly?
    i used ponds cold cream as a daily moisturizer on my face ….now my face has pimples and red spots .than i checked on computer about pond cold cream i found this cream is for make up remover ..now i stop using cream and three weeks ago but still i have pimples and red face my skin is damage very bad now what should i use for treatment please tell any cream or home remedy i have combination skin?

    • St.Darling says:

      Use a mud mask to unclog your pores and regulate skin conditions, use a natural night-cream before bed and a light moisturizer in the mornings.

      The reaction was probably the chemicals in the cold cream; that cream, as you said, is for cleansing and makeup removal. Mud masks are the best thing I have ever used for a variety of skin problems, particularly pimples.

      Changing your moisturizers will help the redness, like I said use a deep moisturizer at night – Be sure to wash your face in the morning, as during the night your body releases toxins etc. that are caught up on your skin’s surface. The light moisturizer will keep you going during the day, ensure it has sunscreen to not worsen the redness.

  2. megan says:

    Ponds cold cream on oily skin?
    I used this stuff when I was younger, and it worked well. I just bought it again and I’ve been using it the past couple of days and so far so good.

    Now, I have oily skin, due to now living in a humid environment… not what I’d call “very” oily, maybe combination. Now that it’s cooling off I got the moisturizer. I bought it mostly because I was using a 10% benzoyl peroxide cleanser, which made my skin look absolutely fantastic until I realized it was aging me… I’m only 22 and I can see it :/ so I switched to a gel cleanser that’s much more gentle and works well.

    Do you think the Ponds cold cream would work? Or are there better options in terms of fixing my damaged face?

    • lorie v says:

      Just went to the dermatologist he suggested Cliniderm and its working nicely I also tried their cleansers their also very nice

  3. answersplease says:

    is ponds cold cream actually “cold”?
    Its a stupid question, but is ponds cold cream actually cold on your face? and is it actually a moisturizer that can be worn at night?

  4. Sweet Potato says:

    Using Pond’s Cold Cream as a Moisturizer?
    I have acne prone skin and I’ve been using the acne.org regime with 5% benzyol peroxide…ouch :( and I want to use ponds right before I clean my face with cetaphil. Theres a lot of debate whenether ponds will cause acne so please set it straight!

    • Beatles says:

      Use a OIL FREE moisturizer if you’ve acne on the skin Ponds is a good
      brand for dry skin But on oily skin can be thick and greasy but is has
      Mineral that is well Know that CLOG PORES.

  5. The Libaiter says:

    Can Ponds Cold Cream be used in place of a moisturizer?
    Instead of wiping it off and using it as a cleanser is it okay to leave it on like a lotion?

    • Miss Manny says:

      You could, but it might be a bit heavy and eventually break you out. You can try just wiping it off a bit and it’ll leave your skin nice and moisturized. Good luck!

  6. Jenna Bird says:

    Should I be worried about my skin age-ing?
    I’m 19 years old and put on Olay Daily Moisturizer with SPF before I do any of my makeup. Also at the end up the day I use Ponds Cold Cream to remove my makeup before I go to bed. Anyways, I was just wondering if I should be worried about my skin age-ing at all? Would it be a waste of money to buy makeup that reverses skin age-ing and stuff? What can I do to prevent my skin from age-ing to quickly?

  7. diazy says:

    Is Pond’s Cold Cream safe to use every day (moisturizer, face)?
    i have very, very dry facial skin and i’m trying to get it back to normal but Cold Cream and Petroleum Jelly are the only two products that work well for me so i’m curious if these ‘emollients’ are good to use every day for dry skin. any feedback would be very, very helpful. thank you.

    • Erika says:

      Girlfriend, you’ve gotten a lot of misleading advice on here…

      You should know that cold creams are not moisturizers and are used to remove makeup, but, they don’t thoroughly remove all the impurities and environmental aggressors at that. The best thing for removing makeup is to thoroughly cleanse your face followed by a toner, every morning and every night before bed. And last by not least apply a moisturizer (this protects your face from more dirt and oil). What is your current skin regime?

      I personally used to use Ponds every night before bed and it’s not the best, not even for it’s purpose. I now know better. I use and love BeautiControl’s M.R.P (maintenice, repair and protection) approch to skin care. My skin is super soft! BeautiControl’s skin care is simply the best, just ask me why! And by the way BeautiControl has been around since 1981…

      I recommend (from what I know about you so far) for your specific issues: Cell Block-C® P.M. Cell Protection (It’s like a cold cream but, so much more) http://www.beautipage.com/Catalog/skin_defenders.asp & a really good moisturizer, like Skinlogics® Moisturizer (for those whose skin is acting in it’s 20′s). http://www.beautipage.com/Catalog/daily_oily.asp

      BeautiControl has skin care for everyone’s idividual skin needs. If you have acne-prone skin there’s a skin care set for that and if you have very sensitive skin (your skin gets easily reddish) there is skin care set for sensitive skin too. To get even the best results out of your skin regimen, I highly recommend selecting the best BeautiControl skin care regimen set for your skin needs. E-mail me and I will help you!

  8. diazy says:

    Can cold cream cause damage to your dry face skin if used every day? (facial, moisturizer)?
    i have very, very dry/sensitive skin and i’ve been using pond’s cold cream for the past several days which has been doing wonders but i was curious about any side effects (i.e. free-radical damage, excessive dryness afterwards, etc). i’m about to try just regular baby oil. also, i heard you can make your *own* cold cream so i plan on making some without borax/sodiumBorate. does anyone know where i can find beeswax in local retail stores? thank you.

    • GoGoGleason says:

      Cold cream is perfectly safe for you. I have combo skin and experienced my first bout of severe dryness after using Noxzema. My mom gave me some of her generic cold cream. After only a few days uses, the dry skin healed, I had no breakouts, and I got compliments on my skin. I use it twice a day and go at least one day using organic high fat yougurt in the morning instead of cold cream. Be sure to gently wipe the cream off with a washcloth instead of just rinsing it.

      As for making your own, it is not worth it. The simple, basic cold cream is time-tested. To make it yourself requires cost, experimentation, etc. Just go for convenience. The borate stuff is nothing to worry about.

      Oh, and avoid baby oil. It’s not even good for babies.

  9. jaen says:

    Ponds cold cream users?!?
    I already have a cleanser and want to use the cold cream as a moisturizer. Will not wiping off the cream have any adverse effects on my skin?
    did you use it morning and evening?

    • nolalolly says:

      i use to use this as a moisturizer until it started giving me pimples i switched over to cetaphil moisturizing cream and it is just as moisturizing and no it wont have a bad affect on you unless you break out easily its ment to be worn as that

  10. rose&ivory says:

    What does Pond’s Cold Cream do?
    I am just wondering what is special about pond’s cold cream. It looks like a regular moisturizer, but you’re supposed to rinse it off so it must be some sort of cleanser too. Anyone have any info on what it does?

    • blackloverosie says:

      i use it as makeup remover..
      it cleanses away eyeshadows and mascaras brilliantly!!

  11. [♥]"Liz says:

    How Is ponds cold cream supposed to be used?
    i thought it was a moisturizer but it says something about washing it off . . im not sure how im supposed to use it. and will it cause pimples ? whats the purpose of it ?

    • pink.popcorn says:

      Ponds Cold Cream can be used mainly in two ways:
      1) to moisturize your face- apply it evenly all over your face
      2) to remove makeup- put some on areas with makeup but don’t rub it in (make sure you can still see the white cream), get a tissue paper or cotton pad and wipe it over the areas with the cream. It will remove the makeup immediately. Repeat if you need to.

      It does not cause pimples because it does not clog pores and is hypoallergenic (you won’t get any reactions from using it).

  12. It's Bono! says:

    What will happen if I sleep with Pond’s cold cream on my face?
    Will that clog my pores? I heard that its bad to do it because cleanserw will clog pours if they aren’t removed well enough but I also heard its a good moisturizer?

  13. Karman W says:

    Is it ok to use ponds refreshing cold cream as a moisturizer after using Likas?
    I’m not allowed to be very tan because it’s not “pretty” apparently. My mom and dad are both asian so yeah… -_- Especially my mom who’s Japanese, always ranting about having porcelain skin.
    BUT ITS SPRING! I WANT A TAN D: < but noooo, girls have to have white skin -.-” PSHAW anyway, disregard my rant.

    I use Likas Papaya Soap to get whiter but it’s very drying… I don’t have a moisturizer but ponds refreshing cold cream is kind of like one. So is it ok if I use it after using Likas?

    • Beatles says:

      cold cream can be a bit thick for a young girl
      I suggest to use a oil free face lotion to hydrated
      your skin this will NOT block your pores.

  14. kat_404 says:

    Ponds Cold Cream????
    I was just wondering if Ponds cold cream could be used as a moisturizer. I have heard people say mixed things, and was unsure whether to use it as a moisturizer because of it’s greasy texture.
    God Bless <3

    • Alisha says:

      I would use it as a night cream, because it’s so heavy.
      I’ve head of ppl using it as a base for foundation. I tried this and my makeup didn’t last too long.
      It’s what is in dove soap as the 1/4 moisturizer and the reason why it doesn’t leave a film like other soaps. Try it once and see how it does.If you don’t like it as a moisturizer for day or night it’s a great make up remover. win/win.

  15. mantastic86 says:

    What is the best self-absorbed facial moisturizer?
    I have narrowed down the best name-brand moisturizers.

    Baby Oil
    Cold Creams(Ponds, Oil of Olay)

    Emollients like Vaseline and baby oil are excellent skin “barriers” to lock in moisture—-but they do not really moisturize. Cetaphil is a good cleaner and emollient. Eucerin does a good job too. But these products dont absorb very well into the skin.

    But I find that cold creams such as Ponds Cold Cream and Oil of Olay works the best because it absorbs into the skin. Why do cold creams like Ponds and Oil of Olay work better than vaseline and baby oil? Ponds and Oil of Olay still have still have a petrolatum base.

    When I apply vaseline or baby oil…i can still see my wrinkles except my face is shiny. But when I apply Ponds Cold Cream or Oil of Olay…..my wrinkles vanish! How come? Whats in cold creams that make them work better than just “base” products?
    Also, whats your best moisturizer for beautiful skin?

    Curious. Serious answers only.

    • anh_cowcow says:

      neutrogena moisture, oil free, for sensitive skin
      its very good because it doesnt leave shine on ur face
      and ur shouldnt have a reaction to it
      it absorbs pretty fast and leaves your skin smooth all day
      just apply it before you leave the house in the morning
      and u dun even have to use thaat much
      maybe a pea size
      i dislike olay because of the oil in it

  16. double k says:

    Are cold creams also used as a daily moisturizer under make up?
    i thought they were only supposed to be used as a moisturizing makeup remover. does oil of olay make one. the only one i’ve heard of is ponds.

    • SDtotheRescue says:

      I never use cold cremes but I do think it is to remove makeup. My mother told me that’s what her Grandma used to use to clean her face. There’s no need to use more than one daily moisturizer though, it may just lead to clogged pores.

  17. :) says:

    The main purpose of Pond’s cold cream?
    I know that many people use the cold cream as a makeup remover but some people also use it as a moisturiser. Some said that after using it to remove the makeup, just wipe off with a warm cloth but there are others who suggested cleansing with a cleanser after using the cold cream.

    Can it really be used as a moisturiser overnight or will it clog the pores? Do i have to cleanse my face with a cleanser even after using the cold cream to get rid of my makeup? I have combination skin, oilier T-zone.

    • Sweet Pea says:

      I have the same type skin and use it to remove all of my makeup (face and eye makeup) at night and then just rinse it off with water. Sometimes I’ll use an astringent afterwards. It does leave a “film” feeling on your face but it seems to make my skin softer and it’s gentle. You don’t have to use a cleanser but if you don’t like the “residue” feel then yes you can. I don’t use it as a moisturizer so I’m not sure if it’ll clog your pores but I have heard of people doing that and they say it makes their skin super soft and nice looking.

  18. Emme says:

    Can you use Clinique 3-step with other moisturizers or makeup removers?
    I find that my face gets a tad bit dry when I use the 3-step both morning and night. However, I love the way it is working on my skin! I am wanting to just use a simple makeup remover in the evening and top it with a Ponds cold cream just for a little extra moisture. Would that be alright to do? Use something different morning and evening?

    • Beatles says:

      I love Clinique they have great skin care I use a Clinique moisturizer use ANother
      Brand face cleanser it doesn’t harm my the skin if you Mix and Match face products
      if you need to layer another moisturizer that’s Okay.

      Mitchelle Phan has Video that show how she layers face creams all of them are different brands .

  19. answersplease says:

    what is ponds cold cream?
    I have been looking for a night cleanser, and I found the ponds cold cream. At first I thought it was a moisturizer. Then I watched a video review for it, and someone used it as a makeup remover, I then watched Another Video and someone used it as a moisturizer. So if anyone uses it,

    is it a cleanser? moisturizer? or makeup remover? or all three?? haha thanks everyone

  20. RiceBunny says:

    can i use ponds cold cream as a moisturizer for everyday use?
    so i ran out of my moisturizer and the only i have left is my ponds cold cream for normal to dry skin can i use it as moisturizer for everyday use?! please and thanks best answer gets 10 points !

    • LAURA says:

      Not really, as it is too greasy. I also do not think it is a non-comodogenic product (prevents the start of blackheads). Most of your high end moisturizers state this on the label.
      Cold creams are more for removing make-up and a little bit left on over night is fine if washed off in the morning.
      Sorry if Como…..is spelled wrong, went to beauty school a long time ago!

  21. falling.up13 says:

    Is Pond’s Cold Cream sold in Canada?
    & if it is, would it be sold in pharmacies and/or Walmart?

    I heard that it’s a great moisturizer and makeup remover.

  22. sushant says:

    Which of the two is better?: Pond’s Cold creme or Lakme` Winter Care Moisturiser?
    I want a cold cream/moisturiser thaT CAN PROTECT FROM HARSH WINTERS.

    • Wonderful says:

      if your skin is oily, then i think Lakme would be better than Ponds. the Ponds cold cream is too much oily.

  23. Sexie Mama says:

    Ponds cold cream for acne prone skin? Please help!!?
    I recently used benzoyl peroxide 5% and it killed my skin! My face is all red and it’s sooooooo dry, I feel like i have a thousand surgeries on my face, I can’t even smile properly. The only creams I have at home is ponds cold cream, but I don’t know if it’s oil free, or it will suit acne prone skin. and the second one is olay total effects daily moisturizer. (btw i heard olay products has way too many synthetic ingredients)

    Please help!!!

    • Oli Cohen says:

      I would use an aloe vera cream… maybe the corium21uk range to help remove damage that the chemical cream has caused you. You have put too much on so its effectivley burnt your face, aloe vera is the top product for removing burns

  24. leslieee says:

    Simple make up/skin care products for teens?
    I’m just looking for recommendations on simple makeup products for someone who isn’t looking to go broke. I’m 16 & I hardly make bank, haha. Cover everything from foundations (liquid or powder, it doesn’t matter) to blush & to bronzers even ! Any drugstore type of make up would be alright. But if there is something else worth the cost (at mac, or sephora, etc), I’ll try going out of my way to go buy it.

    PS , I do have pretty much combination skin — dry cheeks, oily nose & then the rest of my face is normal. I don’t want anything that would make me break out like crazy though.
    OH! & skin care products .. for my type of skin .. help me out? I’ve been trying to look for the right skincare products (cleansers & moisturizers) like Aveeno & Ponds cold cream , but they haven’t been working. Don’t recommend any Clean & Clear either, because those definitely didn’t work. If anything, it made my skin even worse. Pleaaase, help me out!

  25. tryingtoansweryou says:

    Nivea cream? A cold cream or moisturizer?
    Is Nivea cream a cold cream or is it only a moisturizer? If it is not a cold cream, does anyone know a cold cream that comes in a blue jar? Is pond’s a better cold cream? so many questions…

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